Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sundays with Joy: Lavender Lemon Bars

It's that time again! Sundays with Joy! This weeks recipe is Lavender Lemon Bars! I just love lemon bars and have never made them before! So what a perfect time to do it. I also really like using lavender in baking. I use it in shortbread and I have this nice iced earl grey tea I make with it as well. 

So this was not a recipe I wanted to change anything in, because well, it sounded just perfect. These were absolutely delicious and what made it even better I had people to share it with. My friend hosted a Scentsy party on Friday and I was asked to bring something, well this was it and they were a hit! 

*I am not sure what happened though because my lemon filling split when baking, however still delicious!

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  1. Amber I love how thick yours are! YUMMY Lemon bars are my favorite part of citrus season.

  2. the thickness is totally bonkers delicious!