Monday, April 7, 2014

March Foodie Pen Pal

Spring is HERE!!! Sun, warmer weather and rain!!  So excited to spend more time outside and open the windows and air the house out!

This post is a little late, sharing my March Foodie Pen Pal Treats!! Deborah was my Foodie Pen Pal this month and she sent me some awesome goodies. Have a look below to see what I got.

This tea is great! I have a tea obsession and a giant cupboard dedicated just to tea!  

I think I was meant to share these with the kids, but I ate them all. Loved the different flavours. 

I have no used this yet, but I have been wanting to try out different salts

Smoked Paprika!! soo good on chicken!!

I bought Deborah the same gum!! The Pomegranate Mint is my Favourite!!

These awesome Dehydrated fruit and nut cookies!! Delicious and lots of healthy stuff. Click HERE for the recipe on her Blog.

This is really good! I haven't had chocolate with chili in it before. I really like the kick!

Thanks again Deborah for the awesome treats!!! I enjoyed them all. 

If anyone is interested in joining Foodie Pen Pals visit The Lean Green Bean. It's so fun to get to know others and to get mail! Especially since it is not a bill!!