Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sundays with Joy: Sweet Potato Pie

It's good to be back in the swing of things and posting again. It seems that life gets busy and I put the blog on the back burner! I've still been cooking and baking, well not so much of the later as I am trying to eat healthier and the kids are all cooking one night a week each. So that's been nice. 

This weeks Sundays with Joy recipe is Sweet Potato Pie with No Roll Crust! I was curious about this because I have never had sweet potato pie before and was also excited to try Joy the Baker's No Roll Pie Crust!

Well this pie was awesome! Everyone enjoyed it. I really liked the crust, mind you I enjoy making pie crust and don't think I have ever bought a store bought one. This was a nice break from the traditional and it tastes delicious. The texture is very much like pumpkin. I substituted the white sugar for Splenda and used low fat cream cheese.

I would definitely recommend everyone try this.  You can find this recipe on Joy's Blog or in Joy the Baker Cookbook.

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